Bad Temper Joe kicks off a series of Dylan-Related-Concerts in Darmstadt

One-More-Cup-Of-Coffee-Readings Bad Temper Joe @ TIP

Tickets available RIGHT NOW

Marco Demel, Darmstadt book author and radio producer around the oeuvre of Bob Dylan (, brings his passion for the work of the great US-American folk bard and Nobel laureate in literature now „corona- save to the Internet. In the form of streamed concerts in the vaulted depths of the Theater im Pädagog (TiP)

The countdown to the 80th birthday has begun and I’m really looking forward to the festival – the DARMSTADT DYLAN DAYS 2021.
Since there will probably be no audience allowed, except for a few fully inoculated extras, I decided to stream the two days at the Jagdschloss Kranichstein and we musicians and authors just do our best as far as a live atmosphere is concerned.

This year’s ONE-MORE-CUP-OF-COFFEE-READINGS will kick off on Saturday 05- 08-21 with Bad Temper Joe, a fantastically talented blues guitarist and singer/songwriter.

And for everyone who is located in the States you can check in L.A-time 8 a.m and NYC-time 11 a.m.

So join our Breakfast-Blues-Dylan-Event and support us in this way !!!

The series of dylan-related concerts will then becontinued by Steve Baker. At the beginning of the pandemic he released his latest album „The Great Divide“ with his band The Livewires.

So it´s one of the first performances of these new songs including a wonderful cover of „Wheels on fire“

And here he come with „Fools and Scoundrels“:

A three days festival is taken place here from It´s called the DARMSTADT DYLAN DAYS 2021.

Stay tuned, except a bunch of full-vacinated people in the audience, we will stream from the basement as well from the Garden of Jagdschloss Kranichstein.

See you soon at DARMSTADT DYLAN DAYS 2021

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