Has Anybody seen my old friend ?

Play DION DI MUCCI „Abraham, John and Martin“, Remember the duett of CLYDIE KING & BOB DYLAN, listen to WILLIAM BARBERS Speech „Fight for the Heart of America- With fire from above-

Emphasize your involvement rather then disguise it

Without Rage spilling over into meanness wise vulnerability.


Read MONA LISA BLACK „The school of hard knocks“

Take a deap breath with „Giorgia on my mind“ from THE BAND

„We point you back there you can feel it for yourself and see how far off the path we´ve come“ …all the rambling ghosts and disturbed spirits are all screaming and forlorn.

It´s like they ´re caught in some weird web- some purgatory between heaven and hell and they´can´t rest.

They can´t live, and they can´t die.

It´s like they were cut off in their prime, wanting to tell somebody something. It´s all over the place. ( Bob Dylan to Bill Flanagan)

If you like play at least Key West, a song on Rough and Rowdy Ways for redemption & light against corruption and darkness

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